Take advantage of the unique opportunity to become a speaker at the Testing United conference. Your abstracts will be evaluated by: Tomasz Dubikowski, Jana Veselá, Tariq King and Leandro Melendez – read more.

Topic of TESTING UNITED 2023: “2023: Tester’s place in Universe, Metaverse & Beyond

Please include all the mandatory points below:

  • Title of the talk.
  • Main Message – Within 100 words outline the main idea, concept or message of your
  • Abstract – Give details about your talk, preferably having some of the below details:
  • A brief introduction about the topic. This could be giving details about your
    environment, project and anything relevant to introducing your talk
  • What problems you were facing?
  • How you solved those problems?
  • Lessons Learned from this experience
  • What will you share with the attendees?
  • Key Takeaways – List 3-5 key takeaways from your talk that would be useful to the
  • Speaker Experience – Highlight your experience in the chosen topic. Mention any
    links to previous talks, articles you have written or any information that would help
    us get an idea about your experience in sharing knowledge with the outside world (It
    is OK if you don’t have any).
  • All talks will be in English.

If you include also information below, programme committee will consider it as a plus:

  • Anything else you want the reviewers to know about you.
  • Video introducing your talk (Bonus Points) – Anyone who submits a video introducing
    the talk gets bonus points for showing courage, determination and putting effort in
    doing something different.

Slide submission:

Once your proposal is selected, speakers will be requested to submit an initial draft of their
slides closer to the conference date. The slide deck needs to follow the below guidelines:

  • Not more than 3-5 bullet points on a slide.
  • Each bullet point needs to be 5 words or less.
  • If not using bullet points, restrict word content to 5 words on each slide
  • Not more than 20 slides for the entire talk. The duration of talk is 45 minutes + 10
    minutes for questions
  • Speaker notes section in Powerpoint and Keynote is a very helpful tool. Please use
    that space to note down your talking points for each point in the slide instead of
    loading up the slide with content.
  • Images used in the slides need to be appropriate for the conference audience who
    tend to be people looking to learn and get inspired.
  • Humor in slides is encouraged but keep the audience personas in mind.

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