About Dawid Pacia

Who I am
1/3 QA, 1/3 Python, 1/3 Lead. Tech freak following all the newest technologies (and implementing them on his own). Fan of the Agile approach to project management and products.
What I do
Leading, supporting, and mentoring others. Actively speaking (and traveling) around the world (combining both passions). Organizer and originator of the first regular Ukrainian QA meetup, “UkrainQA.”
What I like
🐈, #cofeeWithPeople, #goodFoodAndDrinks, #newTechnologies, #DiscworldWorld, #sharingKnowlege, #AgileApproach, #improvementsEverywhere, 🐱

Speech title

When start-up meets quality… A short story of QA game changer

Talk description

Undoubtedly, there are two paramount goals to be addressed at the company level: – to increase the quality of the product, – to build a quality culture across the organization. Yet, before you even start, there is step 0 – finding the answer to the basic question: “WHY did all of this happen?”. Is it because of chaotic scaling up? Monetization priority? Lack of time/people? Obviously, you will have to build your own team (whatever it is, centralized or distributed one). It’s inseparably connected with the recruitment and personal development process. How to find the right people and let them grow in such a dynamic and changing environment? I want to share with you mistakes made, lessons learned and solutions implemented, in a nutshell – my story of becoming a change agent of Quality Assurance.

Key takeaways

  • how to build quality culture from scratch across the organization
  • continuous learning, communication, ownership, collaboration and growth mindset as the key values to change company culture
  • understanding why it’s must to build a framework to document, test, and evaluate your hypothesis & refer to it often
  • learning how to balance between quality and speed – when and why you should let the product release without good quality.