About Erika Chestnut

Erika is passionate about quality, culture and leadership. One of her favorite jobs is helping people turn the box on leadership in a way that empowers them to empower others. ​Through her coaching and consulting, Erika helps leaders, teams and organizations define standards, develop processes and drive policies that cultivate a culture of quality.

Speech title

The Threat Within: Overcoming the Lack of Quality Culture 

Talk description

Have you ever wondered why your organization struggles to maintain a culture of quality? Are you tired of constantly sacrificing quality for innovation or vice versa? Want to learn the biggest threat to quality? Join Erika Chestnut as she explores the power of defining quality and cultivating a culture of quality to neutralize the threat.  Erika will provide practical tips and insights on how to become quality champions and drive a culture of quality within your organization. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn the four attributes that predict a culture of quality
  • Understand how defining quality is a key factor in developing a culture of quality
  • Learn what the biggest threat to quality is and how  to neutralize it
  • Learn how to set the tone, vision, and strategy for a culture of quality that motivates and aligns everyone

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