About Erika Chestnut

Erika is passionate about quality, culture and leadership. One of her favorite jobs is helping people turn the box on leadership in a way that empowers them to empower others. ​Through her coaching and consulting, Erika helps leaders, teams and organizations define standards, develop processes and drive policies that cultivate a culture of quality.

Speech title

Bigger than the box

Talk description

Has quality been put in a box? Has its focus and scope been narrowed to a single step in the delivery process? Has the role of quality in your organization been relegated to the test step, and its value beyond that diminished? Join Erika Chestnut as she shares how she breaks out of the box and crosses the aisles to elevate and expand the role quality in her organizations.  Learn how to influence from the middle, socialize the full potential of quality and cultivate a culture of quality defined, developed, and driven by Quality Champions.

By the end of this talk you’ll be able to:
  • Socialize the full value of the quality team beyond the test step 
  • Leverage creative ways to make quality approachable and memorable
  • Confidently champion quality standards, processes, and policies in order to build a culture of quality 

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