10:30 AM – 11:30 AM I TRACK 1 I BRATISLAVA

About Filip Hric

Hello, I’m Filip. I teach testers about web development and developers about testing. I have spoken at conferences around the world, created multiple online courses, and host live workshops on e2e testing with Find everything I do at

Speech title

Testing tips with Filip Hric (live coding session)

Talk description

Step into the world of end-to-end testing like never before with Filip Hric, in this captivating 60-minute live coding session. Filip will unveil the secrets of, a popular JavaScript-based end-to-end testing framework, to elevate your software testing capabilities.

Throughout the session, participants will be engaged in an interactive journey that delves deep into practical examples, illustrating how to overcome common challenges, optimize testing workflows, and exploit advanced features of Whether you’re just starting out with Cypress or looking to upgrade your skills, this session promises to impart beneficial knowledge that you can readily integrate into your own coding practice.

Witness how real-time coding can highlight powerful tips, illustrate innovative tricks, and help reveal the true potential of This session is not just about listening; it’s about learning through doing. Join Filip Hric and step up your testing game!