About Irina Malgina

Irina is a professional with 15 years of experience in testing and quality management. Most of her career she has worked as a test consultant in various areas including transport, financial, human resources and machine data. At the moment she is working as a Process Manager at BDO Holding B.V. in the Netherlands, where she is responsible for improving the process and product quality. She also puts her effort in shaping a learning culture with focus on sharing experiences of different professionals and teams in order to learn and improve. She’s passionate about testing and quality management and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience.

Speech title

Who’s the masked tester?

Talk description

We live in the world where technologies, development methods and skills required for testers are changing at ever increasing pace. In this circumstances there is big chance one might experience feelings of self-doubt, despite all the gained experience, acquired skills and previous achievements. This feeling of self-doubt and fear that your true identity will be revealed under your perceived fraudulent mask is known as imposter syndrome. It can affect anyone in any profession and career stage and tends to get worse when circumstances change. So how should we deal with it?

3 key takeaways:

  • Symptoms and causes of imposter syndrome
  • Possible impact and dangers of imposter syndrome
  • Tips and tricks on dealing with imposter syndrome

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