About Marta Firlej

She practiced her assertiveness from childhood with the most favorite words: no, why, and when. The initiator of the Testing Conference test:fest in Wroclaw. She started her journey in IT within the software testing area in 2006. She had the opportunity to not only build and develop teams, but also work with customers to create, develop, and design software. Outside of work, Marta likes to travel, cook, and cycle.

Speech title

Improve your Assertiveness

Talk description

Do you know that feeling when you are brave enough to say ‘NO’ and then you don’t feel good about it? During my presentation, we will build a proper understanding of what an assertiveness skill is. You will get information about Characteristics of Assertive People and Skills of Assertive People so you would be able to look at this from the perspective which of the characteristics describe you and what skills you have to practice.

I will share my personal experience when I struggle with my assertiveness skill and when I practice it. Be prepared that I will leave you with homework.

3 key takeaways:

    • Assertivness as a communication skill
    • How to identify what areas I need to improve
    • How to practice my assertiveness skill