Programme committee

We believe it is important to allow our speakers as much freedom as possible in choosing their topics. With this in mind, in order to ensure the independent character of the conference, the program of Testing United 2021 will be selected by 5 distinguished members of testing community.

They will evaluate the speaking proposals based on this year’s topic 2021 QA Odyssey – stepping out of post-covid (dis)comfort zone. How does this world’s transformation accelerates implementation of technologies and philosophical approaches?

We are focusing on real life stories of both failures and lessons learned in your journey of coping with new cutting edge technology as well as revealing the trends and showing the path of the future to our audience.

Lucie Nová

Lucie is our Programme chair this year, she works as Director of Engineering at Eleveo, a company making software for contact centers. She is in charge of software development and testing in Prague. Overall, she is interested in the quality of the software and, with her colleagues, she is one of the organizers of the test community [pro:]TEST! She is also interested in methods of cooperation and is engaged in agile management, kanban, etc. Lucie is also on the marketing committee of itSMF Czech Republic.

Tomáš neumeister

Tomáš has devoted his entire professional career to the field of testing. Within his more than 15 years of experience, he had the opportunity to try out a number of job positions. He started as a junior tester, gradually became a test analyst, test manager and also has experience with the role of a program test lead. He enjoys projects with international participation, in which he has the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities, not only from a working point of view. He is currently working as a Test Manager for IKEA. He likes to spend his free time with his family. His hobbies include sports and building a small family farm.


Bjorn is an IT professional with more than 15 years’ experience in QA and how this fits into the software development cycle. He started as a test automation engineer and quickly was bitten by the question of how test automation can deliver the most value. This has led him on a road to discover the links between development best practices and how QA can leverage these leading him even further to discover how modern devops techniques can enhance the value delivered through testing. He is currently working as a solution architect for CTG, the market leader for testing in Belgium. Outside of work, he is a fan of gaming and everything that has to do with technological geeky gadgets. 


Raj Subrameyer is a tech career strategist focusing on helping people to land their dream job and become successful leaders. He is passionate about guiding professionals to maximize their opportunities and discover their zone of genius. He is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and will be giving multiple TEDx talks this year. He has been featured in numerous podcasts and publications. He is also the author of the best-selling book – Skyrocket Your Career. His areas of expertise include career advancement, leadership, motivation, productivity, and entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he loves traveling and enjoying craft beer.


Goke is a test management professional with over 22 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Testing, initially as a test analyst, test lead and for the last 11 years as a successful test manager. Throughout his career Goke has successfully demonstrated his passion for testing at number of organisations ranging from well known brands to emerging challengers and across a number of industry sectors. At each step of the way he has always sought to advocate for tremendous value of testing and championed test process improvement. Along the way he made concious effort to contribute to the testing community as a member of the TMMi Foundation and as a mentor to emerging talents in technology. Goke is currently the Global IT Test Manager for Dr Martens.