Testing United

Day 1 (March 15, 2022)

Day 2 (March 16, 2022)

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Track Jeff

Track Elon

Track Jeff

   8:00                       Registration and Morning coffee 

   9:00                                                   Opening 

   9:15                                                   Keynote 

   8:00                       Registration and Morning coffee 

   9:00                                                    Keynote 

James Whittaker

Talk: How to Rock a Testing Career

Jurgen Appelo

Talk: Learning, Experimentation, and Feedback after COVID-19

   10:15             Let’s get to know each other better – coffee break 

   10:00                                Networking and coffee break 





Rick Tracy

Talk: Reemerge and Test Like a Baby

indranil sinha

Talk: Why Should we take things personally?

Andrei Danilov

Talk: How to measure Software Quality? First step: forget about the classic metrics!

Andrei Solntsev

Talk: Selenide – how to start writing UI tests in 30 minutes




Matthias rasking

Talk: Processes are a thing of the past, right?

Vipin Jain

Talk: End to End testing solution to maintain IoT Ecosystem Integrity

Dona Sarkar & James Whittaker

Talk: Burnout Begone as a Service

   12:30                                        Lunch break

   12:15                                        Lunch break





Filip Hric

Talk: How to start using Cypress in your existing project

Ladislav cicoň

Talk: Why should we measure Quality culture?

Matthias zax

Talk: Self-Healing Tests” The holy grail of test automation … Or just a lot of noise about nothing

wim demey

Talk: Is survival of the fittest only for the fastest?

   14:30                                           Coffee break 





Sanne visser

Talk: Good Enough Testing –  Finding the Goldilocks Zone

Nithin S.S

Talk: The hidden logic of thinking for testers

joel montvelisky

Talk: 5 Quality Assurance trends to keep. Even when we get back to the New Normal

Maroš kutschy

Talk: Visual UI Testing with Percy

   15:15                                           Coffee break 

   15:45                                                   Keynote 

   15:30                                                    Keynote 

Tomasz Dubikowski

Talk: IT: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All Up

Dona Sarkar

Talk: Lord of Your Rings – Co-Create with Your Community

   16:45                                              End of Day 1

   19:00                                        Networking event

   16:30                                                  Closing

   16:45                                              End of Day 2