About René van Veldhuijzen

As of September ’23 René has been active in the field of testing for a quarter of a century without ever experiencing a dull moment. Having been active in various roles in between such as Academy Coach, Unit Manager and Oracle Alliance Manager, his passion has always remained software testing, having done projects and assignments ranging from politically sensitive as a Test Manager to creating test scripts using Oracle ATS or Selenium.

Since 2021 René is known as the Testimist, a test positivo describing himself as Enterprise Automation and Management Specialist, combining ubiquitous testing principles with Test Automation and Robotic Process Automation into integrated automation solutions for customers. On the one hand this means analysing, preparing, developing and setting up test automation, on the other hand getting the attention of non-IT oriented disciplines on testing and quality topics (…while making and executing tests still remains the most fun thing to do…)

Talking about Test Automation and the Architecture of it all has brought René on several international stages and at testing guilds or Centre of Excellences at various large Dutch and global customers.

Speech title

Forget Shift Left and Shift Right. Let’s Shift Back!!

Talk description

Oh no, it happened again. Someone brought in a test automation tool that will solve all our problems, because that someone has seen the perfect demo and of course it will help automate everything and it will replace us all. Is there no one who dares to explain to all involved how to set up a clear and well thought out architecture for test automation.

Certainly … let’s shift back!

Many Test Automation efforts these days are struggling or horrible failing because they started the wrong way. At the start of a Test Automation implementation two things are imperative; start with the “Why” and build a solid Architecture. So let us explore the aspects under this “Why” and look at the questions that should have an answer before building a reusable and solid architecture for your Test Automation adventure.

Because … isn’t reducing risk one of our core qualities?!

Key takeaways:

  • Why we should prefer the Why before the What and the How
  • Key aspects to consider before starting a Test Automation implementation
  • Learn how to get your Test Automation Readiness in check

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