Become a rising star
at Testing United 2021

Welcome to Testing United 2021 conference taking place in Prague. Testing United aims at uniting IT professionals interested in the testing profession, whether they see themselves as testers, developers, users or whatever function-title. It is all about skills, knowledge and visions on the awesome testing profession.

Are you thinking of speaking at an international testing conference but you have no experience with it yet and do not know how to start? Great, we have an opportunity for you! We are looking for speakers that would share their experience with the testing community. The theme of this year’s conference is “ 2021 QA Odyssey – stepping out of post-covid (dis)comfort zone”. How does this world’s transformation accelerates the implementation of technologies and philosophical approaches? We are focusing on real life stories of failures and lessons learned in your testing journey.

What we are looking for?

Based on the above story, you may have already guessed what we are looking for from our speakers.

  • We want to hear inspiring stories of how you and your team noticed problems and
    tried different approaches to solve them.
  • We want to hear your successes and failures and learn from your story.
  • We want to get inspired and get new ideas from how you and your team ultimately
    came out on top of solving problems.

So, we encourage anyone who has inspirational stories to submit proposals for Testing
United 2021.

What we are not looking for?
  • You read a book or a blog post, and want to share the information with others.
  • You fill up the slides with content and read from it.
  • You are using the talk to promote your products and services.
  • You have fancy and complicated diagrams to share with the audience.
  • You submit a talk with the word “Lesson Learned…” just to grab our attention.
  • You copy another person’s work and share it as yours.
  • You use Testing United stage to promote your agenda not related to the theme of the
Submission Guidelines

Proposal Submission:
Please include the following items in your video:

  • Main Message – outline the main idea, concept or message of your talk.
  • Give details about your talk, preferably having some of the below details:
  • A brief introduction about the topic. This could be giving details about your environment, project and anything relevant to introducing your talk
  • What problems you were facing?
  • How you solved those problems?
  • Lessons Learned from this experience
  • What will you share with the attendees?
  • Anything else you want the reviewers to know about you.
Send your video to
what comes with being a speaker?
  • Every speaker receives a full 2 day conference ticket, invitation to the speakers’ dinner and networking event.
  • Contact with participants not only onsite in Prague but also with participants in 3D virtual reality.
  • Each speaker will have a 3D model that will be used in 3D VR reality or in case the speaker could not attend the conference in person.
  • You will be part of a successful conference with a story and a show.
Deadline for submissions is May 21th!

The language of the conference is English, please submit your proposals in English language.
We are looking forward to reviewing your proposals and giving a stage to inspire people.

In case of any questions please contact us at:
or phone: +421 914 362 147

Stay Inspired,
Testing United team