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10:20 AM - 11:00 AM I TRACK 1 I 8 November 2024

About Chaitali

Chaitali is a Subject Matter Expert in AI and GenAI and a GenAI Practitioner who is deeply involved into development of GenAI solution for SDLC. She is instrumental in building Cognitive solutions, chatbots using AI/ML for QE&T. She is a Continuous learner who evolves with evolving technology trends. In her organization she represents her business unit as a key panel for hackathons and autothons. She is very focused on adding business value to customer by Automation, Optimization and data-driven decision making. She is a proud Co-Author for AI and automation topics in World Quality Report.

At personal side, she is also a passionate runner and has ran 21 half marathons so far.

Speech title

Bridging Traditions: The Experienced Beginner's Journey into Generative AI

Speech description

My talk is about the journey of Experienced Beginner in the realm of new technology Generative AI.

The journey of the Experienced Beginner into Generative AI represents a fusion of seasoned expertise with the exploration of cutting-edge technology, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning, collaboration, and adaptation. The Experienced Beginner, with decades of industry experience, faces the challenge of navigating the complexities of GenAI while leveraging their traditional expertise. We delve into the challenges encountered, strategies employed, lessons learned, and insights gained during this transformative journey. The talk highlights the importance of collaboration, continuous learning, and resilience in shaping the future of quality engineering in the era of GenAI.

Nov 7 - 8

Palais Wertheim, Vienna
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