Track talk

2:15 PMM - 2:55 PM I TRACK 2 I 7 November 2024

About Ivan

I’m Ivan, 33 year old QA from Catalonia. I have been working as a QA for over 8 years and the last 2 have been in a cybersecurity startup company. I have experience in all QA processes, from test plan to automation. I’ve been in big and small companies and had experiences abroad as well. This year is my debut as a speaker.

Speech title

AI in Cybersecurity: Its benefits and limitations and the role of QA in that world

Speech description

After the boom of AI a short while ago, many professions were listed as potentially being replaced by AI in the near future, and software QA was one of them. At the same time, while working in a cybersecurity company, I had a different perspective of the impact of AI. In this presentation, I will talk to you how AI has changed our ways of working, how it affected our QA processes, all their advantages but also disadvantages and how software QAs can still fit in this evolving world.

Key takeaways:

  1. How can AI enhance our day-to-day activities
  2. Limitations of AI (specially in cybersecurity world)
  3. The role of QA to help balance human-AI

Nov 7 - 8

Palais Wertheim, Vienna
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