Half day workshop

9:00 AM- 12:00 PM I Room 2 I 7 November 2024

About Rik

Rik Marselis is principal quality consultant at Sogeti in the Netherlands. He is a highly regarded presenter, trainer, author, consultant and coach who supported many organizations and people in improving their quality engineering & testing practice by providing useful tools & checklists, practical support and having in-depth discussions. His presentations are always appreciated for their liveliness, his ability to keep the talks serious but light, and his use of practical examples with humorous comparisons.

Rik is an accredited trainer for TMAP, ISTQB and TPI certification training courses, and a fellow of Sogeti’s R&D network SogetiLabs.

Rik is a co-author of the TMAP book “Quality for DevOps teams” and contributor to the www.TMAP.net body of knowledge for quality engineering & testing.

In 2022 Rik received the ISTQB Software Testing Excellence Award. A year later he received the EuroSTAR 2023 Testing Excellence Award.

Workshop title

Prompt crafting for quality engineers

Workshop description

Generative AI became known to the general public at the end of 2022. Today, after this short period of time, GenAI (such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, and dozens more) is everywhere. And it has already changed the way many people work.

Quality engineers are generally involved in creating IT systems with the right quality level, and demonstrating (by testing) that the IT system indeed has the right quality level. These tasks can very well be supported by GenAI tools. For example to generate test cases, and support in writing the test automation scripts. Further GenAI is good at creating reports. And many other tasks can also be done better and faster with GenAI.

But many people have also noticed that to get the results you want, you need to write a very precise prompt. Which often is very hard.

In this workshop we will work with the Crafting AI prompts framework. You will experience that with a few simple tricks you can enhance your prompt engineering skills very much, resulting in speeding up your work and achieving better results.

Some people fear that AI will take over their work. I always say: AI will not take over your work, but someone who is better at using AI will take over your job…

So: come and join me in this workshop to make sure that you stay ahead of the pack when it comes to prompt crafting!!

Nov 7 - 8

Palais Wertheim, Vienna
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